Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jakes 5th Birthday weekend celebrations

What a weekend, we went up to see our grandson, Jake, who had just celebrated his 5th birthday.
After a long day shopping on Saturday we took him greyhound racing at Coventry on Saturday evening, once again he was shouting loudly for his chosen greyhound, if it won we gave him pretend winnings, just as not to encourage him into gambling, LOL.
I had a couple of nice winners on the trio and we actually came back with more money than we went with, result.
On Sunday the was a large family gathering for a meal at The Farmhouse in Coventry.
What a superb place, serving either Indian or English meals, I had the korma, the best I have ever had, Keith had the tikka sizzler, made him reach for the water after the first mouthful, but said it was the best he had ever had also.
Between the 13 of us we all had different meals, all served at the same time and all hot, well done to everyone at this really good restaurant.
To round it of Jake had a Fireman Sam birthday cake, that was tasty too.
Excellent weekend, just need a rest to recover now,LOL

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