Monday, May 30, 2011

my cards now on website


I have just put onto my website a selection of my handmade cards that I make when it is to dark to work on my mawspaws creations.

Hope you like them.

Bearst wishes


Saturday, May 14, 2011

busy times

What a couple of weeks I have had, although I am not that green fingered, I love my garden.
Everything seems so early this year, so myself and Keith have been trying to get our garden sorted out, we also help our elderly neighbour by doing her garden, so it has been sore backs and standing, looking and admiring our handy work.
It is wonderful when you see the rewards of the hard work.
We also had some not so good news, Horace our friendly hedgehog has passed away, but there is some good news, the next day we had a new hedgehog has taken to visiting us at night, and eating up the food we leave out for him, or her, very hard to tell, LOL
We have heard that a couple of our collectors are not very well, myself and Keith are passing on our prayers and very bearst wishes.