Friday, May 29, 2015

back from holiday -and surprise

Just back from a wonderful break in southern Spain, a few days the weather was to hot for both myself and Keith.
If only we could wake up with the fabulous view from our hotel room, that would be bliss.
But as the lower picture shows, we had a real shock one morning.
Looking out from our balcony we saw people on the beach pointing out to sea, then Keith got his camera out and aimed and hoped to catch what was happening.
As I said to him, there they are, he clicked his camera, but kept saying they were to fast for him.
In the end he just aimed and clicked in hope, but when we checked the photos he had taken, Yes, got them, was shouted out in excitement.
Dolphins, what a thrill and surprise and we have never seen them before.
Many thanks to all the staff at The Yaramar
Now it is back to normal household duties and Keith trying to get his computer working properly.
New creations will appear on the website soon, sorry for the slow progress of the creations.
Bearst wishes.