Wednesday, May 22, 2013

real fun and he loves his bears, LOL

What a great time, from being in the middle of food shopping we get a phone call saying our grandson would like to pop down a visit us. He did not have to go to pre-school and it coincided with his dad being off work also.
After they arrived it did not take long for Jake to ask me if we still had any bubbles, as it happens whilst shopping we managed to get some Magic Bubbles, these claimed to solidify after being blown, sounded really good, however I should have taken more notice when the sales lady said they are really only supposed to be used outside.
So there we are, myself and Jake in the garden trying to catch these bubbles, it was a little windy and they were going everywhere, but great fun.
After we had been out for a meal and returned home, I looked at my hair, a number of very small sticky blobs of what was the bubbles, yuk.
Keith is now saying he never knows who actually gets more fun out of the bubbles, although Jake really has fun, I LOVE THEM, but will be more careful next time, LOL
The bear photo was taken whilst Jake was in Stratford upon Avon, and he wanted his Nanny to see him, bless him.