Friday, February 29, 2008

don't ask about the spaghetti in the supermarket

Please do not ask about the spaghetti in the supermarket.

Spike is now moving to Michigan, USA.

We are having a chat about the next Prestige Collection bear being a draw for web update membears only.
I know some of you do not like that, but we want to give evryone a chance, hope you understand, will let you know what we decide.

Fred and Ginger, the pair of Goldfinches have returned to their feeder. Hopefully they will have some little fred and gingers later in the year.

Just booked up to see The Jersey Boys, if you have seen it, please let me know what it was like. The Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons show.

Did you work out how many individual pieces in a bear, all need marking out, cutting out, and each trimming. The answer is 23.
Do you think it is the same number for a panda.

here we go 1st entry

Here goes.

I have had a very busy week, last Sunday I went to a large bear fair in London, just looking and buying more supplies. It was great to see it so busy, lets hope it is the same in September when we will have a stand there.

I have been concentrating on another Prestige bear this week, Spike will be going onto the web site later today, Keith will be sending out a web site update email after he has completed the web pages. We took some photos of Spike yesterday before Keith went to his proper work, he is on lates this week.

Just to explain, team mawspaws, I make all my creations and Keith does all the computer work.

Just as a change from making a bigger bear, I have been cutting out some miniatures, funnily enough they take nearly as much time to make as a larger bear.

Would you know how many pieces need cutting out for a miniature, to give you time to work it out,I will tell you in the next blog.

Back to mundain tasks, just off food shopping now, so better go.

Bearst wishes

Team mawspaws

Maureen and Keith