Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hugglets Festival, Kensington, London, Sept 2015

Just got home after exhibiting at the Hugglets Teddies Festival held at Kensington Town Hall in London last sunday.
Wow, what a day, an early start as this time we decided to catch the train into London, at the station for the first train, when an announcement came over the speakers, I looked at Keith and said when is the next train, do we have time to get there.
Well relief was soon felt, as the announcement was just for a 5 minute delay and not a cancellation. Thank goodness.
Arrived at the town hall in good time and set up was easy and relaxed, time for a cup of tea, LOL.
We saw Kevin, a collector of my creations, and he was first in the queue, with at least an hour and a half before the doors opened for the public.
1030 comes, and the show is now open, who was first to our stand, Kevin, and he adopted a couple more of my creations.
Then seconds later, Julie arrived with her daughter, having seen some creations on the website she took home creations to add to her collection.
The day continued very successfully with friends coming and having a chat, and also more creations found new homes.
There was fewer numbers of the public this time, but there was other large events taking place in London today, which caused travel problems, so that might have put them off from attending.
A highlight was when Jena Pang came over to us in his very quiet jacket and bear shoes, the jacket being a animal print, and stood out a mile, great to see him again as we thought he had permanently moved away from Britain, but he seems to be flying backwards and forwards all over the place.
The afternoon was very quiet, and I think that is what makes it a long day.
Eventually 1600 comes and it is time to pack up and get home,
A great taxi ride back to the train station, a few minutes wait for the train, and then we are home, time to celebrate, with fish and chips, LOL.
A really big thanks to everyone who adopted my creations, and to those who made the effort to come and speak with both Keith and myself, THANK YOU , we really do appreciate your friendship and wonderful comments.
Now I had better get cracking and make some new creations for the website, or Keith will be moaning at me, nothing new there then.
Thanks again
Bearst wishes

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Lovely couple of days, LOL

Keith has been having a lovely couple of days as my sister, Elizabeth , has been visiting us.
He has been wearing ear plugs most of the time, lol.
He has also posted this without us knowing about it, his revenge of not being able to hear the TV.
It is a standing joke about using Paintshop, well it just had to be........
As you might have guessed, Keith posted this, it could well be his post, although Maw needs me on Sunday for the show, so I might survive.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

London Show,Kensington Sept 13th

We are just 1 week away from Hugglets Show in Kensington Town Hall, London, which will be held on Sunday 13th Sept. starting at 1030.
I really am looking forward to seeing many friends again and hope some of my new creations will find loving new homes.
If you are going, please come and say hello.
We will be on stand 137a, which is upstairs near the café area.
Bearst wishes to everyone attending the show.