Thursday, March 20, 2014

a bubbly weekend

What a lovely bubbly weekend myself and Keith had.
I never know who gets most fun from playing with the bubbles, myself or Jake or grandson at least Jake has the energy to chase them around, LOL
Isn't it funny, you can spend a lot of money on toys, yet some washing up liquid can provide so much fun, especially when Jakes dad had so much trouble getting them to work, and then got a face full of them.
We struck lucky with the weather, and managed some walking whilst we were away.
Jakes comment of the weekend, we had promised him to go and play with the bubbles after a cup of tea, whilst I was drinking my tea, I happened to open up my ipad, Jake knew that I was going to be playing a game on it and it would delay his playing outside, he came out with,
" Nanny, don't even think about it"
My how he is growing up, LOL

Monday, March 03, 2014

Had to be done in Kensington, London

Whilst in Kensington, London for the Hugglets, Bearfest show, we just could not resist going for a lovely slice of cake each and a cup of tea.
It was great until the bill came, over £17 pounds.