Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow in Vegas and back to work

Yes, we went to Las Vegas and had some real English weather, it snowed on the Strip, luckily although they had to close the airport and cancel flights, it was a couple of days before we had to come home.
We had a great time, and Keith has put some photos onto a page on the web site.
Xmas has come and gone, so it seemed a good time to have some retail therapy, although I did manage some in Vegas, LOL.
After all the talk of the sales, I spent 4 hours in our town centre and hardly found anything to buy, very disappointing.
So is back to work for me now, and some new creations will be heading for the web site within the next few days.
May I take this chance of wishing you a very Happy New Year and bearst wishes for 2009, from myself and Keith