Thursday, August 11, 2011

busy getting ready for Hugglets


I am very busy at the moment getting some new creations ready for Hugglets show in Kensington, London on Sunday Sept.11th

Keith has put a new page on the webiste with a few more photos.
Thank you for all your lovely emails with such kind comments about the Hugglets creations.

We have put this frame around the photos because our garden has become a haven for ladybirds, bees and many other insects that seem to be attracted to some flowers we planted from seed this year.

What a bargain they were, £1 a box, loads of my favourites, poppies, which I have been trying to grow for many years, and a flower called malope.
The flowers have been a great distraction, whilst we still wait for answers regarding the tree roots.
Thanks for your patience on the webiste as I work on the show creations, it is really appreciated.
Bearst wishes

Maureen and the old boy, Keith