Monday, September 09, 2013

Back home from London show

Thanks to everyone who came and adopted my creations at Kensington Hugglets show, we had a great time, especially enjoyed meeting friends who we had only ever known by their email address.
Visitors had come from far and wide, we spoke to people from the USA and Norway who had made the trip especially to take in the visit.
The young girl from Norway had been treated to the trip by her grand mother as a birthday present, we really felt sorry for because she fell in love with one of Maurens cats, saying she would have a look around before making her mind up. Sorry to say that the cat was adopted just after she left our stand, but she took it very well and said she had had a wonderful birthday present, and really enjoyed the show.
We also managed to chat to some of our regular visitors from the UK, travelling from Cheshire, Birmingham, and many part of London.
A long and very tiring day, but well worth it.
Keith will be updating the website over the next couple of days, when he has had his beauty sleep and recovered, LOL
Thanks again to everyone we met.
Bearst wishes

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