Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kiwi Mcfig now lives in New Zealand

 My first creation to New Zealand, yes, half way around the world, amazing.
The photo shows Hannah with Kiwi Mcfig on her seventh birthday, and she knows that Kiwi is a collector creation, but was allowed a quick cuddle on her birthday, LOL
Hannah who lives in Dunedin, New Zealand with her parents Roberta and Dean is the god daughter of Joyce, who lives in Scotland and adopted the cat for Hannah.
 What a small world we live in, just wish myself and Keith could visit New Zealand as it sounds a lovely country.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

hair jel and after shave, at 4½

We had fun going to see our grandson, Jake, over the Easter holidays.
We were greeted with a new look and smell, not only had he found out what hair jel does, but smelt lovely with some of his fathers after shave on.
So what else could we get him instead of an Easter egg, chocolate makes him hypo, but his own bottle of after shave, LOL.
At least he won't have to raid his fathers now before he goes to school.........
and yes he is only 4½ years old.