Tuesday, February 03, 2009

kept this quiet

What a busy last few days, the birthday card above was made by my sister, Elizabeth for Keiths birthday. I think it is one of her very best, the Vegas New York New York is 3D, but very hard to capture when photographed.

I am in the middle of making a new miniature bear, he will be appearing on the web site later this week.

Finally we have just had a couple of inches of snow and it has caused real disruption, and we have more snow to come.

Here in the UK we are unable to cope with a small amount os snow whereas other countries have far greater amounts and still manage to carry on.

At last we have not had the power outages that a friend in Canada had for a few days, also a friend in the USA has a similar situation.

Below is the inside of the card, with the famous Vegas saying, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, LOL.

Bearst wishes



  1. Happy Birthday Old Timer! Thank you both for listing with 100 Best Bear Artist Blogs x

  2. Happy Birthday Keith!! I'm so sorry to hear about all that snow! Yes, we get much more than you do, but because of that our cities have the equipment to deal with it. If you don't normally get much snow, it doesn't make sense to spend lots of money on equipment that will hardly be used....

    Stay warm!
    Laura Lynn