Wednesday, January 28, 2009

most embarrassing

I have just been the centre of the most embarrassing situation at my local post office.
I went to post a panda off to Wales, all going really well as I had my glasses on.
I put my card in the machine to pay and all went through OK, I took my glasses off and put them in my handbag, start of problems.
When told to take the card out of the machine, I spent ages pulling at the top of the machine to get the card.
Then everyone around me starting falling about laughing, I looked around and saw that they were laughing at me, quick check, no my skirt was not tucked into my nickers, LOL.
I had been pulling at the top of the machine, only then to find out the card was inserted in the bottom of the machine.
Needless to say I saw the funny side of things and I was crying with laughter myself as I left the post office.
Must remember to send Keith over to post office with next lot of parcels, or to just keep my glasses on.
Bearst wishes
Silly Heinz

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