Monday, February 23, 2015

Kensington, London Feb 22nd 2015

This is how my stand looked at the start of the day at the Bear Fair in London yesterday.
I am really pleased to say that most of the creations found new homes and some have even moved overseas, to France and the USA.
I was really pleased that so many friends came and spoke to us, and the compliments made were extremely kind and very much appreciated, if we did not get chance to speak to you I am sorry.
During a fairly long day there were moments of laughter, especially the ladies from Manchester who were having problems on how to get bears into the hand luggage for the plane home, my, they came up with some really wacky ideas, it was a real laugh.
To everyone who came to my stand, thank you very much.
To those of you who have been waiting for creations to go on to the website, thank you for your patience, and Keith has now updated the site.
Thanks again
Bearst wishes

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