Sunday, February 03, 2013

how embarrassing

I don't know why but it always happens to me, LOL
Keith decided to take me to the local auction house, to have a look around for furniture for our spare bedroom.
All started fine, but we did miss bidding on a lot that would have been OK, just missed seeing it during the preview.
Then the fun started, Keith took a phone call from his son and went outside to answer it.
I decided to have a sit down, found a seat provided by the auction house, sat down, then Whhooooops, the chair broke into pieces and I ended up on the floor, just how embarrassing is that, luckily I don't think any harm was done, except my pride. All the staff were very helpful and showed concern for my welfare, more than can be said of Keith, LOL
He came back and said, what have you been up to, when I explained he said , shame I missed it, as it would have made a great photo. LOL
The photo is a card I made that represents a scent bottle.

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