Friday, November 30, 2012

Phantom of the Opera, again, LOL

Yesterday, myself and Keith gave ourselves an early Xmas present.
We went up to London to see The Phantom Of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre.
We had originally brought front row tickets in the balcony, from previous experience of the show, the higher you are the better view of the special effects you get, yes we have seen it over a dozen times, mostly in Las Vegas.
We were moved by the theatre to what they said were better seats, I guess they did not need to open the balcony up as it was a matinee, and not fully sold out.
The seats we were given were in the second row of the Grand Circle, more expensive, but very disappointing, as you could not see the front of the stage, and with just one person in front of you, if they leaned forward, our view was nearly blocked completely.
So if you intend going, be careful where you actually purchase your seats.
The performance itself was as amazing as ever, thankfully the music overrides the need to actually see the performance.
2 roles were the best we have ever seen, Christine and Carlotta, and I have to mention the orchestra, they do not get as much praise as I think they deserve.
All in all a great day out, but such a shame such a great musical is in a theatre that does not do it justice, mind you it still regularly sells out, just wonder how many people would return if located in a better theatre.
We were obviously spoilt by the Las Vegas show and purpose built theatre, sorry to say the show has now closed in Vegas.
Keith has now got to put up with me singing some of the songs from the show, he says earplugs are needed, LOL.

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