Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bletchley Park, amazing place to visit

Myself and Keith have often said about visiting Bletchley Park, it is only around 20 miles from our home, but have never actually made it , that is until yesterday.
What an amazing place, so much more that just a secret location for code breakers during the 2nd world war. That part of the park was really mind blowing, the machines were so cumbersome, yet so very effective. Very interesting reading about some of the people who were at the park during the war, including Ian Fleming, 007's writer, so know we know where his ideas came from.
There is so much to see, including probably the world largest collection of Winston Churchill artifacts, truly vast.
The old Post Office was set up as it would have been, days in days gone bye.
So much to see and take in, another visit is now due soon, especially as when you buy your main entry ticket is lasts a year, for as many visits as you want, what a great idea.
A real thought provoking visit, can't recommend it highly enough.
Well done to everyone involved.

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