Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hampton Court Flower Show

Alice in Wonderland was one of the themes for our first visit to the Hampton Court Flower Show. We were in wonderland, quite overpowering, all the fantastic flowers in one place, too much to take in just one visit, however we have come home with some new ideas for our little garden. It was interesting to see and compare the gardens and stands with what they looked like on TV, they certainly look bigger on TV.

The first rose we saw was called Silver Wedding, how apt, myself and Keith have just celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary, it is a wonderful white rose, and not the photo above.

Our one big regret was not being able to meet up with friends for a cup of tea and a chat, so sorry to the Greene's.

All in all, a very interesting few hours, planty to think about and now in the process of working out what we can order for next year.

Plenty of photos to sort out today

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